About Us

CompuNet is an independent datacenter service provider.

The initial mission was to provide Internet access to unreachable places in rural areas by using technology that allows fast and stable access for digital data transfer.

As time went by we managed to optimize the initial network and expand to larger areas, and with the expansion of the network we became a national operator that offers quality service.

Demand drastically increased, and on the recommendation of customers we started to offer hosting services. For that purpose, in order to satisfy the increasing demand, we launched our datacenter.


Offers of the company

The company offers: reliable datacenter infrastructure, international Internet and telecom connectivity, managed e-commerce and collocation services.

Customers who are looking for a flexible cloud computing service can take advantage of our tailor-made solutions that range from our “entry cloud”, delivering affordable virtual machines running on high performance and standalone servers; to our “private cloud”, featuring dedicated VMware servers and clusters.

Of course, this datacenter is also exclusively operated by us and we are optimizing the infrastructure continuously in order to ensure a stable and energy efficient operation.

In fact, the datacenter is managed by our IT professionals 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.

We have a great team dedicated to technological solutions for businesses that are required for an advanced DataCenter, and a motivated team in providing only excellent solutions, rational,safe and reliable.


Our claim is to implement tasks as precisely and efficiently as possible. Our technicians are highly trained for lots of different tasks regarding servers.

In case we do not have a suitable specialist on our team already, we have many external contractors we can delegate the specific task to – of course not before having consulted you.

This leads to many important advantages:

  • Time efficiency
  • Cost efficiency
  • Precision
  • Avoidance of bottlenecks
  • Short communication paths

You may expect from us and our services in general:

  • Individual and customized concepts
  • High standards
  • Innovative thinking by a young and motivated team.